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ThermoFisher OSHPD Ready Freezer Bracing

Thermo Fisher Scientific OEM Freezer Bracing Engineering and Installation Document

QuakeHOLD! Industrial has designed and engineered a custom seismic bracing solution (OSHPD ready) for ThermoFisher Scientific Freezers. Below are the installation instructions by Freezer model number. The last item is the link to the complete engineered (OSHPD ready) seismic restraint design.

ULT 13

ULT 300

LRF 12

ULT 17

ULT 400

LRF 23

ULT 23

ULT 500

LRF 30

ULT 28

ULT 600

LRF 45

ULT 700

LRF 50

LRF 75

OSHPD Ready Engineering Specifications

For any questions and to inquire about Professional Installation Services please, Contact Us.

QuakeHOLD! Industrial is affiliated with Ready America, Inc., the leader in earthquake safety products for the home. QuakeHOLD! products can be purchased at Home Depot, Lowe's, OSH, Ace, True Value, Do It Best,
and Bed Bath & Beyond stores.

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