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Hands On Safety Training

As part of our client-consultant relationship, QuakeHOLD! Industrial will conduct FREE employee safety fairs with the BIG SHAKER, the world's largest mobile earthquake simulator. It is capable of simulating an 8.0 magnitude quake. Employees are invited into the Shaker to learn how to secure the space in their own homes by experiencing the unforgettable chaos of a major quake. Your employees will get a firsthand understanding of the benefits of securing top-heavy furniture, TVs, electronics, wall hangings and breakables. More than 30,000 people have been trained in the BIG SHAKER in the states of California, Washington and Utah.

If an employee or a member of their family is injured at home during an earthquake, work will not be their first priority. The absence of injured employees in turn affects a firm's overall business continuity plan. QuakeHOLD! Industrial safety fairs are designed to educate employees on how to secure their homes and prepare their families. We make available earthquake safety items and 72-hour emergency kits and we stress that safety comes first, both at home and in the workplace.

At a safety fair we typically donate 3-day emergency kits to encourage attendance. In addition, we hand out free samples of our QuakeHOLD! Putty, ideal for securing breakables. We also provide FREE copies of "Putting Down Roots in Earthquake Country" - an earthquake awareness booklet authored by the Southern California Earthquake Center and USGS. Your employees will benefit from the BIG SHAKER experience as it is a very realistic demonstration of just how devastating it can be when you’re not prepared. Our hands-on instruction shows how easy, affordable and reassuring it is to prepare your home for a major earthquake. Click here to learn more about the BIG SHAKER or to schedule an event.

Big Shaker

Invite your employees to experience an
8.0 Magnitude Earthquake in the "Big Shaker".

Employee Safety Fairs Promote
Earthquake Preparedness

Your employees' safety at home during an earthquake has a direct impact on your business continuity. If an employee or a member of their family is injured, the last thing they will be thinking about is getting their department back on line.