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Disaster Supplies

Statistics show that 65% of the damage and injury from severe earthquakes are predictable and preventable. Prepare your business and protect your employees through education, the right preparedness supplies and inexpensive securing of furniture, equipment and other items. We offer numerous supplies, programs and resources:

Corporate Emergency Site Safety Kits
Employee Discount Program Catalog
Emergency Response Trailer
ARK Container Supplies Management
Emergency Environmental Lighting
Personal Emergency Kits
Water Solutions and Purification

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Emergency Preparedness Kit Emergency Preparedness Kit
Shop for disaster supplies SHOP for Earthquake Safety Products at the Ready America Online Store. SHOP for Earthquake Safety Products

Employee Discount Pricing Program
Employee Discount Program

This FREE program helps prepare your employees for emergencies with a significant discount on our products, and a customized shopping page just for your company. Call to find out more at 800-959-4053
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