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Extending the QuakeHOLD! Industrial
Protection Program to Your Employees

Employee Discount Purchasing is available for all of our earthquake safety fasteners for furniture, TVs, wall art, collectibles, and our 72 Hour Preparedness kits. This discounted price is less than typically available from retailers such as Home Depot, Lowe's, or OSH.

We want to make it as easy as possible for your employees to have a safe environment at home. Education is the first step to getting prepared. We provide education, behavior modification (Experience the Big Shaker!), and discounted pricing to encourage your employees to take action.

Earthquake Safety and Preparedness Products

Home Safety and Preparedness Products include: Furniture Straps, Flat Screen Safety Straps, QuakeHOLD! Putty, Wax or Gel for securing smaller items, and 72 Hour Preparedness Kits for the home, office, or car.

Emergency Preparedness Kit Emergency Preparedness Kit

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Employee Discount Pricing Program Employee Discount Pricing Program
Employee Discount
Program Pricing

We offer your employees quality products to prepare them before the next earthquake strikes. The USGS states that in our lifetime, we have a 99% probability of a 7.0 or greater earthquake striking California.