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Accurate Reporting and Budgeting

Our trained account manager will provide a detailed budget assessing level of risk by building. We will work closely with the Lab Managers to assist on relocation of fastened items within their areas. We will take ownership of the reporting function to the asset management/ facilities department. Lab Managers will be copied and updated on the report submission for their department. When performing the work, we strive to be invisible to the staff so as not to disrupt their flow of work.

Quality Installation Work

During our quarterly inspection and survey, if the service manager notices any item that has become unsecured due to tampering, he will immediately repair the item on site with his repair kit. Or if unable to remedy the condition, he will put in a work order for our installation team to repair the item at minimal cost to the customer. In a majority of the cases, items that are to be relocated can re-use the existing fastener by simply applying a replacement adhesive on site.

This solution is a fraction of the cost of a new install. We are very experienced in working with moves and can incorporate innovative methods during the relocation to salvage existing materialsfor re-use in the new facility/location. This results in savings, is environmentally friendly and ensures greater business continuity compliance level.

Earthquake Damage Photos

Earthquakes are
Costly and Disruptive

QuakeHOLD! Industrial has the knowledge, personnel, and experience to provide cost effective earthquake mitigation services. Making the decision to secure equipment prior to a major seismic event assures employee safety, financial loss and business continuity.