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• Go inside the Big Shaker earthquake simulator with KTLA News for tips on how to be prepared for the next earthquake. Watch the video here
• KTLA News takes you inside classrooms at Biola University for a glimpse into the damage an earthquake can cause in just a few short minutes. See the YouTube video here
• The Big Shaker and Ready America/QuakeHOLD! products are featured on NBC News’ coverage of the Great California ShakeOut. See the video here
• Ready America and QuakeHOLD! products are featured on the Today Show. Watch the video here
• The Big Shaker and Ready America host to San Diego 6 News for their segment on Earthquake Awareness Week. Watch the video here
• Ready America's 4-Person 3 Day Emergency Kit is featured on KTLA News. Check out all the amazing items included in the Emergency Kit, including food, water, first aid supplies, a multifunction tool, duct tape, Emergency Power Station: Flashlight/AM-FM Radio/Siren/Phone Charger, and much more. See the video here

QuakeHOLD and QuakeHOLD Industrial participated in an amazing series of tests at the UCSD Shake Table, in San Diego California. While the project has just completed, we have footage from some of the tests. Take a look on our YouTube channel for all of the footage! 2012 SHAKETABLE VIDEOS