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Our Full Risk Assessment Program

Seismic Risk Assessment shall be conducted quarterly for each building. The report will provide detail on items that need to be secured, items that have been relocated and need minor repairs to the fastening system or have missing parts. The report will prioritize items based on potential loss of life, business continuity, and financial loss.

Pricing shall be standardized for common equipment and there shall be an agreed-upon price per unit in accordance with a prepared schedule of rates that includes all labor and parts. We stay within the agreed upon budget and only charge for what is secured in accordance with our customer's requirement.

Custom fabrication or engineering shall require a written proposal that shall include the proposed fastening method and cost. RSSE Structural Engineers, Inc. is under contract with QuakeHOLD! Industrial to consult on fastening that requires engineering in advance of installation.

QuakeHOLD! Industrial shall maintain insurance and the customer shall be named as additional insured. Further, we maintain workers' compensation insurance for our installers. All installation team members are drug screened with a 10-panel test. Criminal background checks are run on all installers to insure workplace safety and security.

Assessing Valuable Equipment

Why Institute an
Earthquake Fastening Program?

Professionals in facility management and safety employ a number of companies to monitor fire sprinklers, alarm systems, fire extinguishers, HVAC and refrigeration in critical areas. Insurance is in place to reduce the financial risk of flooding, fire and theft.

It is prudent policy for facilities in high risk seismic threat zones to have a seismic fastening program to -

•  Protect Employees

•  Secure Equipment

•  Ensure Business Continuity