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Custom Solutions

Corporate Containers
Custom layout and supply options ensure the safety of your employees and the continuity of your business. We take responsibility for maintaining and replenishing your supplies as needed.

Mobile Solutions
ERT Mobile Response Trailer
Choose from a variety of supplies, layout designs, cabinet options and special features to meet the needs of your corporate campus in times of disaster. ERT gives you the assurance that you are ready to respond to on-site emergencies and to those where traveling is required. More Info  ERT Video

Fixed Solutions - ARK
On-site ARK Containers are an economical way to keep substantial quantities of Emergency Preparedness Supplies in one central location, anyway from the building, but ready for that unexpected emergency. More Info  ARK Video

Custom Cabinets
Great solutions for storing and maintaining the supplies you will need in the event of an expected disaster situation. Arrange for a cabinet in each building for maximum preparedness.

Designed to be used in areas where space and efficiency are a necessity, these LED balloon lights are quick to set up and bathe a large work area in high quality 360 lighting.
More Info  Airstar Video

 Custom Solutions Customers

Custom Solutions