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Installation Services

The Team You Can Trust

QuakeHOLD! Industrial, the leader in earthquake safety and preparedness, is pleased to offer our industrial, corporate, and government clients a four phase maintenance program to manage all of your earthquake safety and preparedness needs under one trusted name.

QuakeHOLD! Industrial has over 50 years of combined experience in seismic mitigation and preparedness. We are pleased to have under an affiliated umbrella of fastening and preparedness companies such trusted names as

On-Site Evaluations

We can come on-site, or if you prefer, we can do a virtual assessment via FaceTime, Zoom, Google Hangouts and more!

Professional Installation

We have our own in-house staff of professional installers. None of our work is subcontracted.

Have Floor Plans?

We can perform an assessment using your floor plans or blueprints and using your equipment matrix.

We're Specialized

We are one of the only non-structural seismic fastening contractors with full-time dedicated installers.

QuakeHOLD! Industrial QuakeProof Thumb Lock Q-Safety (logos?)

By incorporating the best methods, products, and personnel of each of the above companies into one supplier focused on excellence and customer service, we have an exciting, enthusiastic team of professionals devoted to customer satisfaction. Our passion is to be the best for every one of our customers, no matter how large or small.

Our trained in-house installers are familiar with seismic fastening from clean room protocol, data centers, warehouse racking and even the CEO’s office. We ask that you give us an opportunity to show you our level of professionalism, customer service, and integrity.