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  • Handcrank Flashlight with Solar Panel and Clip


    Solar and Dynamo Powered!

    This Handcrank Flashlight with Solar Panel & Clip is a great solution for emergency lighting. Simply clip onto a backpack, go-bag, or purse to have ready available during an emergency. Charge using the onboard solar panel, or with the dynamo crank. 1 minute of cranking for 8 minutes of light!

    • Includes Solar Panel for charging
    • Also chargeable using the Dynamo crank handle
    • Includes reinforced clip
    • Uses 3 bright L.E.D’s
    • Features a textured grip and rugged design
    • L.E.D’s are housed in a rubber guard

  • LED Headlamp


    The LED Headlamp is a breakthrough in the field. This hand-crank unit is great for working in dark and confined spaces. It has a built-in dynamo flashlight that provides ultra bright light. It doesn’t need batteries and will never need a bulb.
    Crank for 1 minute to generate power for up to 30 minutes of light. Switch between 1 LED on, 3 LEDs on or 3 LEDs flashing. The LED Headlamp is lightweight and easy to install. Clip the flashlight on the headband mount. It is rainproof for use outdoors.

  • MagLight 2 “D” Batteries LED


    New Performance Enhanced LED Focusing Beam, Good at 298 Meters, 114
    Lumens,Water Resistance, Lifetime Warranty.

  • Mini MAGlite – Super Bright Xeon Lamp


    Engineered for Brilliance – 14 Lumens, Includes Spare Bulb, Powerful
    Focusing Beam, Lifetime Warranty, Includes two AA Batteries